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JKRB Investments operate and invest in a multitude of online platforms, mobile and blockchain applications and collaborate with industry leading partners bringing next-generation technology to their products.

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Web 3.0

We have seen companies like AOL lay foundations for consumers to connect to the internet. Followed on by companies like Google & Facebook build on top of this foundation to create search and social network capabilities, alongside Instagram & Snapchat catering for the smartphone revolution.

We are now seeing a transition in other sectors; health, education, transportation, energy & food. JKRB looks to align its product offering within this new phase of the internet.

Smartphones, wearables and IoT devices are now an integral part of day to day life. JKRB invest and develop applications in a variety of sectors to improve life quality.

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ReactJS / React Native
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CSS3/SASS Conversion
Social Media Promotion
Server Side Project Requirements
Automation Services

Digital Ledger

A blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but virtually everything of value. JKRB harnesses blockchain technology to strengthen its product offering.

2017 saw huge growth of blockchain based companies, and in turn Cryptocurrencies that support the economic models of blockchains. JKRB believe blockchain technology solves a range of problems, ranging from asset distribution, insurance, trustless education systems, online reputation, and distributed resource models for assets like energy and file storage.

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Capital Investment
Whitepaper Authoring
Token Creation
Smart Contract Development
JKRB as Advisory Role

Digital Value

The world has gone digital thanks to the efforts of the internet as well as the electronic infrastructure being laid down in almost all countries in the world. This has brought with it a demand for a digital way of carrying out transactions that offer convenience, speed and security to those that use it. JKRB has an invested interest in a multitude of digital currencies as they become more integral in daily life.

We are now seeing an emphasised effort industry wide on tackling the of making digital currencies mainstream, including scaling solutions bottlenecks, more efficient consensus algorithms, and advancing infrastructure for trading currencies and developing smart contracts.

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Capital Investment
Whitepaper Authoring
Token Creation
Smart Contract Development
JKRB as Advisory Role

Machine Intelligence

Machine learning is a subset of the broader artificial intelligence field, and is widely used today. Our smartphones use facial recognition to learn our faces and organise our photos. Our email inboxes are filtering spam based on unsupervised learning algorithms. Our microphones work together using machine learning to filter out noise when we talk or record sound. Machines are learning our handwriting and sorting mail in automated delivery systems. Human genes are being grouped and analysed, and our cars are driving themselves.

Despite these achievements, JKRB believe machine learning is in the early stages of revolutionising all known industries, including the Space industry. We believe this field has huge potential and will play its part in conjunction with other JKRB areas of interest to improve society.

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Joel Kenny

Since the age of 14, Joel has always had a passion for his own business ventures. Having worked in a variety of sectors, Joel applies previous experience alongside a strong interest in new technology to strengthen JKRB offerings.

Joel manages numerous JKRB assets and projects, maximising potential and efficiency along with researching new investment opportunities. With a strong interest in the economic workings of Cryptocurrency and technical opportunities Blockchain technology provides, he is a self-taught Solidity & python programmer, and also provides insight and analysis to businesses in this sector.

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Ross Bulat

Having had entrepreneurial and technical exposure from a young age, Ross uses his experience alongside his business acumen to develop new ideas.

As a full stack web developer, Ross contributes and directs the development of the online presence of JKRB, and is heavily involved in all of JKRB online projects. Ross researches Blockchain technology and the economics around Cryptocurrencies. He writes smart contracts for the Ethereum platform, and plays an advisory role for a range of start-ups in the field.

Ross also researches emerging technologies including automation and machine learning, and studies mathematics around this field.

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